Why Are You So Angry?

Why Are You So Angry?                                                                                 By Mary Megna

Once upon a time there was a little boy. Due to any number of possibilities, the boy fell into a rose bush. A sharp unyielding thorn penetrated his arm. This really hurt the little boy at the time, and he suffered quite a bit. Because no one heard his cries nor attended to his needs, the thorn was never extracted from his arm.

In time the pain lessened but never quite went away. As the little boy grew, he adapted to his situation by protecting that part of his arm whenever he was near someone. Now and then he came across a person who was careless and bumped that very spot. He cried out in pain and harshly scolded that person for not considering his well being. There were also people who seemed to touch that spot intentionally which really hurt. With these people the boy went right to screaming and yelling and may have even struck them. When these instances occurred he often didn’t remember much about them because he was so overwhelmed by the pain and nothing else mattered.

So is the story of every person who experiences anger and rage. There is always an original wound that was never treated and therefore never healed. The present situation is not the cause of unwanted outbursts but merely an unconscious reminder of past injuries. The secret to a cure for anger is to become aware of the original wound, dissect its cause, and remove the thorn through understanding and compassion.

Mary Megna is a highly successful Life Coach with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor in Education. She focuses her practice on working with seniors dealing with difficulties associated with aging, but has helped people of all ages. To contact Mary for information concerning individual sessions call 717-480-8124 or email at marymegna54@gmail.com

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6 thoughts on “Why Are You So Angry?

  1. Julie Walker says:

    This is a very good analogy to anger, and I really enjoyed this perspective exactly as it was written. Beautifully put! (And that compliment is coming from a person who is perpetually angry, or at least, appears to be).

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