Kreider Mediation offers a variety of courses to become a TRAINED professional mediator or sharpen your existing skills As a MEDIATOR

The 40 Hour Basic Mediation Course is designed to give individuals the skills and credentials they need to become a professional mediator!

The 30 Hour Advanced Family Mediation Training are for individuals interested in learning the advanced process and skills for becoming a professional family mediator! Includes the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE COURSE 4.5-hour training.

This 20 Hour Child Protective Services Mediator Course course introduces the principles and practices of mediation within the context of Child Protective Services (CPS).

We offer MCLE for attorney’s from the State Bar of Texas.

Texas Association of Mediators Member

TMCA 2024

Why choose mediation over litigation?


Don’t Say “I Understand” as a Mediator

I recently had a very insightful student from my 40 Hour Basic Mediation Course explain to me why using the phrase “I understand” is not always beneficial. This made me reflect on the way I conduct my mediations and even when using that phrase in normal conversation. Here is my [...]


Military Veterans as Exceptional Mediators

Military Veterans as Exceptional Mediators: Forged in Service Introduction Transitioning from military to civilian life presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for veterans. Among these opportunities is the potential for veterans to excel in roles that require strong leadership, communication, and conflict resolution skills, such as mediation. In [...]

The Power of Presence: Harnessing Active Listening in Mediation

In the fast-paced world we navigate daily, finding moments of genuine connection can be challenging. Enter mediation—an invaluable space where active listening becomes a guiding force, steering conversations toward resolution and understanding. Active Listening: The Heartbeat of Mediation At the core of successful mediation lies the art of active listening. [...]


Why Are You So Angry?


Open the Door to your Heart

Open the Door to your Heart                                                                                                                              By Mary Megna Sometimes tension in a relationship is not due to bad behavior or hurtful words. Instead trouble comes knocking to those that choose to compartmentalize or stuff their feelings. For example, an upsetting day at work is left unsaid to avoid the [...]

Connecting the Internal Puzzle Pieces of Life

Connecting the Internal Puzzle Pieces of Life   Written by Mary Megna I have come to believe that people are like a puzzle.  There are the outside pieces and the inside pieces.  It is easy to perceive the connection of the outside pieces because they provide a definite border.  Just as [...]


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