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Fun, informative and practical

July 1, 2024

Spoke to Steve prior to signing up for the class. After telling him I was shopping around for a mediation course, he still answered all of my questions and gave me constructive advice even though I hadn’t committed. Glad I did as Steve’s course is fun, informative and practical. Steve also creates a strong network with his students and provides many pointers on how to be a successful mediator. Highly recommended.

Jeff Schagren

Mediation Course

July 1, 2024

The course was amazing. It was truly an adult live situation class as the situations were all relatable, which made the course very interesting. The instructor (Steve) allowed for human errors and as a student how we can adjust ourselves to be successful. I will be taking MORE courses with Steve. This is where you need to be for understanding, life experiences and not just a text book course, with you wanting to sign up for every course available. See you a the next course Steve! Thanks a million!!


Family Mediation Course

July 1, 2024

As a family law attorney for over a decade, I have attended hundreds of mediations. Steve’s class was very informative not only to those with experience, but also for those just looking to start. Highly recommend this class!

Spencer Nilsson