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Judy Wells

CPS Mediator Course Instructor

  • Texas Association of Mediators (TAM), nominated and current board member.
  • Texas Mediator Credentialling Association (TMCA), distinguished member.
  • Mediator of the Year, Brazos County 2022

Judy Wells is an accomplished mediator with a wealth of experience spanning several decades. She started her career in ADR as a Child Education Advocate.  Her expertise lies in facilitating constructive dialogues and fostering understanding between disputing parties and guiding them towards a mutually beneficial resolution. Judy’s approach emphasizes active listening and empathy, enabling individuals to navigate conflicts with clarity and compassion. She has dedicated most of her mediation practice to serving families going through a divorce, modifications to their divorce, family unification, child custody and child protective service (CPS) matters.

In conjunction with her mediation expertise, Judy is a seasoned meditation trainer. Judy regularly trains the 40-hour basic, 30-hour advanced family and the 20-hour Child Protective Services classes. Leveraging her understanding and insight into the intricate dynamics within family cases, she delivers invaluable instruction on practical techniques and strategies, fostering participant engagement through immersive role-playing activities designed to solidify the students’ mastery of new skills. Additionally, Judy instructs mediators on the effective utilization of virtual meeting technologies.  Judy is a firm believer in lifelong learning, consistently pursuing additional education to refine her mediation skills and deepen her knowledge. Her dedication to self-improvement enables her to effectively impart these honed skills and acquired expertise to her students.

Jeannie Tomanetz

Family Violence Instructor

Jeannie Tomanetz received her Bachelor of Art in Psychology and then completed her Master of Science in Clinical Psychology.  During Jeannie’s Master’s, she interned at various locations including an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and at two mental health facilities as an outpatient therapist.  After graduating in 1996, she began employment at an 11 county Mental Health Agency where she was an outpatient therapist. Jeannie worked with a wide variety of clients with an emphasis on children diagnosed with trauma-based disorders (stemming from physical/sexual abuse or neglect) and domestic violence where she, along with a co-worker, ran a free domestic violence support group for women and their children leaving violent homes.  During this time,  she was also a part time therapist at a local inpatient physical rehabilitation unit.

Jeannie moved to Austin, TX in 1999 and began her employment with the Austin Police Department, Victim Services Unit in February 2000 as a counselor in the Family Violence Unit.  Although she has worked with victims of almost every crime type in almost 22 years with the City, her primary duties involve working with victims of domestic violence with an emphasis on intimate partner violence.  She has been assigned over 20,000 police reports and have spoken to 15,000-20,000 victims of crime.

In addition to providing outreach to victims of domestic violence and other crimes, Jeannie provided several trainings a year in regard to different DV topics such as the general dynamics of DV, effects on victims and children, characteristics of batterers, strangulation, stalking, neurobiology of trauma, lethality, and safety planning.  She has developed and/or provided trainings to Austin Police Officers, APD Cadets, Travis County Sherriff’s Deputies, Park Police, Community Organizations, Churches, Statewide Victim Service Organizations, International Chiefs of Police Association members, Travis County Prosecutors (County and District Attorneys), Medical Professionals for Seton Network of Hospitals, and interns and new employees to Victim Services. Jeannie served as a subject matter expert in the field of DV on the Texas Council on Family Violence 86th Legislative Public Policy Committee (2018) and was on the committee that developed the Strangulation Supplement, the first of its kind, to be used by Law Enforcement Officers when responding to crimes involving strangulation and for attorneys to use when prosecuting these cases.

Jeannie is also regularly asked to testify as a Domestic Violence Expert for Travis and Williamson County.  She provides expert testimony in DV cases to assist the triers of fact (Judge or Jury) in regard to the different aspects of DV including the dynamics, explaining counterintuitive behaviors or recantation by victims, the psychological aspects of strangulation and/or extreme violence, and common characteristics of batterers.

Charles Boyce

Associate Mediator/ Assistant Advanced Mediation Instructor/Attorney

Attorney Charles H. Boyce, Jr. was born and raised in the very area, having grown up in the Pleasant Grove section of Dallas. He went to E.B. Comstock Middle School, Skyline High School, and graduated in DeSoto High School where he was a highly recruited basketball and football standout.
For college, he chose to enter Sam Houston State University through an athletic scholarship and, for 3-4 years, played as an all-conference football player. The university is also where he earned his undergraduate degree and met his wife, Merle Boyce.
Before he and his wife began with their businesses in the home health industry, he dabbled in several careers and has worked as an NFL player, parole officer, and a probation officer in the state. By his estimation, he has provided jobs for as many as 400 employees in between their businesses.
He returned to school to receive his Juris Doctorate from the Oklahoma City University School of Law and is a member of the U.S. Northern District of Texas Bar and the Washington D.C. Bar Association.
Mr. Boyce’s over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner in the health services industry has armed him with the specialized knowledge and expertise to make him an excellent choice in helping resolve issues in Administrative Agencies and Federal Courts.
He is a father to 4 children and husband to his loving wife, Merle Boyce.

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