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Lessons for Life

March 8, 2021

I was a student of Steve and am very proud to note here that he is a dedicated teacher who goes out of his way to educate you on mediation skills. The passion that Steve demonstrates for this topic is tremendous and it is very obvious the way he approaches every lesson. Steve’s instructional skills are very addictive that you will want you to stay connected with him even after the course is completed. He adapts to the need of every student all along the way.

I have learned lessons for life that will take me a long way in my professional career and personal life as well.

I will personally recommend anyone who likes to be involved in mediation to enroll in Steve’s classes.

As the title of this review, you will learn lessons for life.

Sajimon Luckose

Awesome Mediation Service

March 4, 2021

I was VERY pleased with the service. Steve was patient, non biased and focused on getting things resolved in the mediation. Thanks to his perseverance,

we were to settle on an agreement. Thank you Steve!


Response from Kreider Mediation | Mediation Texas - A World of Experience to Help Resolve Conflict


You’re welcome! I felt like you and your attorney were very easy to work with and friendly. I pray that you will never need to use mediation again. However, if you do need too, then you know where to find me.

Thanks again for choosing Kreider Mediation!

Kind Regards,


Awesome course- part of a bigger plan!!!

March 4, 2021

I took Steve’s Mediation courses in May 2020 while I was working remotely. I found the course to be well structured and I found Steve to be a very knowledgeable instructor. What I liked most was/is Steve’s being so accessible to his students before and after classes. Like from the initial reach out, he responded to my emails immediately- well like within 24 hours. And when I had an issue with my baby sitter, Mr. Kreider was understanding and even held a additional session for me so that I would be caught up with my initial class and would complete the course on time which I really appreciated. I also liked his case studies- my group of attendees were from different backgrounds and we had some lively discussions. I guess this is good because it helped me/us apply real world knowledge in real time!! And I it kinda helped cement what I think I wanna do with my certification in Mediation. Given everything that’s going on with the pandemic and the unreal weather we have been having in Texas- I think Mediators will be needed now more than ever. The high bills from the electric companies people will need mediators! When I had to have a discussion with my provider, I used the tools of communication and critical thinking that I learned in Steve’s courses. It gave me the courage to speak clearly and objectively cause my bill was very high more than what I was accustomed to paying. I thought there will be some people who will be taken to court and Mediators will be needed so that these companies maybe won’t take advantage!! Well that’s just me thinking outside the box. But I loved the courses and Steve is awesome. If I have questions he is there! Thanks Steve for your help!

LaDonna Browning