Open the Door to your Heart

Open the Door to your Heart                                                                                                                              By Mary Megna

Sometimes tension in a relationship is not due to bad behavior or hurtful words. Instead trouble comes knocking to those that choose to compartmentalize or stuff their feelings. For example, an upsetting day at work is left unsaid to avoid the expected unwanted advice and eventual argument. Or, a couple’s day goes by with one person making all the compromises while the other is blissfully unaware of the silent suffering endured by their partner. This may appear to be a happy couple but right under the surface feelings are churning toward a possible explosion.

Most of the time the intent of the quiet partner is to avoid conflict. Some believe that conflict indicates problems and will do their utmost to stay clear. Others might not feel they possess the skills to navigate through upsetting conversation and fear unresolved issues. However, healthy relationships need to air out pent up feelings regarding the balance of wants and needs as well as distressing emotions from outside sources.

The key to productive communication is to provide a safe space for expressing feelings. Often couples are out of practice with this skill or never possessed it in the first place. To begin, listen without interrupting or judging. Allow time to hear the whole situation. Next, provide emotional support with statements like, “I can see that this is upsetting to you” or “That must have been so hard for you”. Then work toward a compromise for troubles within the relationship with equal input or a plan of action for outside issues. Sometimes, just a sympathetic ear does the trick. In a relationship the door needs to remain open to the heart for love to grow and satisfy.

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The Mind of the Soul by Gary Zukav

All the Years – Chicago

About Mary Megna

Mary Megna is a highly successful Life Coach with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor in Education. She focuses her practice on working with seniors dealing with difficulties associated with aging, but has helped people of all ages. To contact Mary for information concerning individual sessions call 717-480-8124 or email at

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