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Incident Mediator

The Other Ones Foundation · Austin, TX  12 hours ago  
  • $56,000/yr – $65,000/yr  On-site  Full-time  Mid-Senior level
  • 1-10 employees · Non-profit Organizations

About the job

“Transitioning Austin’s homeless neighbors into an engaged community through shelter, opportunity, and support.”

Position Title: Incident Mediator

Reports To: Director of Compliance and Risk

Job Summary

The Other Ones Foundation’s Incident Moderator will play a crucial role in the Risk Management Department by monitoring and supporting follow-up on reports concerning, Community Standards Violations (Good Neighbor Policy and Program Agreement) and Event Notification Reports. The Incident Mediator will be the liaison amongst all departments at TOOF and clients ensuring effective communication and collaboration across the organization regarding incident reports, violations, cabin inspections and client feedback.

Base salary

$56,600/yr – $65,000/yr (from job description)

Job: Human Resources Consultant

(Employee Relations Investigator) 

Austin, TX 

Close Date: November 7, 2023

Pay Range
$31.65 – $39.56
Monday – Friday.
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Hours may vary due to operational needs. An alternative schedule and remote work/teleworking options are available.


The position’s primary task will be conducting employee relations investigations related to allegations of workplace policy violations.

Trained in mediation and/or alternate dispute resolution techniques, Labor and Employment Law, and experience in responding to EEOC charges. 

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Job: Interpreter/Cultural Mediator – Farmington – FT

Click: Connecticut Children’s · Farmington, CT

Job Duties: Facilitating accurate and contemporary Spanish/English interpretation in face-to-face or telephone encounters to ensure accurate communication between patients/families and team members.

Monitoring verbal interaction and written interpretation needs (e.g. discharge instructions, teaching, education) for clinics/department and developing effective interpretation services to meet those needs.

Supporting patient/family interactions with respect for differing culture, beliefs and levels of understanding.

Supporting organization (house wide) with interpretation services as needed.

Mediating cultural issues for team members and patients/families through the provision of cultural context and understanding to promote quality encounters and interactions.

Job: Certified Mediator

Click: McCoy Fatula, APC · Roseville, CA

Job Description: We are seeking an experienced Family Law Mediator to become a part of our team!

A skilled Mediator collaborates with both parties to come to an acceptable resolution. They need a good understanding of various laws and types of disputes as well as several negotiation tactics.


  • Explaining how the mediation process works when meeting with new clients
  • Communicating with all involved parties to gather information and help the opposing parties work through their differences
  • Interviewing everyone involved, including witnesses, and reviewing any documentation provided
  • Sorting through the needs and concerns of both parties
  • Scheduling meetings with involved parties to hold the negotiations
  • Assisting parties in understanding applicable laws, precedents and other established guidelines
  • Helping the parties find common ground and reach a solution that both can accept
  • Completing paperwork regarding the mediation process for each case


  • Must be a Certified Mediator
  • Familiarity with legal research
  • Ability to prioritize and multitask
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Deadline and detail-oriented

Job: Mediator
Organization: Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS)


As an FMCS Mediator, you will be responsible for promoting the development of sound and stable labor-management relationships by advocating for (a) the practice of collective bargaining, mediation, and arbitration, as well as for (b) the use of full-spectrum conflict management, prevention, and resolution services, in the private, public, and federal sectors.

Mediates labor-management disputes involving collective bargaining agreements in situations that range from a moderate degree of difficulty to those which are somewhat more complex due to their economic impact, the number and difficulty of issues involved, the existence of an actual work stoppage or the imminent threat of one, and/or a history of difficult labor-management relations.

This is a GS-12 Mediator position with FMCS.

Click on the link below to learn more about the position and required qualifications.

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