Connecting the Internal Puzzle Pieces of Life

Connecting the Internal Puzzle Pieces of Life  

Written by Mary Megna

I have come to believe that people are like a puzzle.  There are the outside pieces and the inside pieces.  It is easy to perceive the connection of the outside pieces because they provide a definite border.  Just as we look at a person and see size, shape and color.  We hear their words and see their expressions and actions.  These are their outside pieces.   From the border these pieces provide, we often make definitive judgments about a person without taking into account the inside pieces.

Once the border of a puzzle is assembled the challenging work begins as we search to find the connections for each random piece.  Will it be the color that gives a hint, the shape or the sliver of picture that enables the right placement?  It takes a delicate and determined effort to achieve and appreciate the complete picture that a finished puzzle provides.  One may attempt to connect pieces with randomness or sheer luck but little progress is made with no sense of insight or understanding of relationship.

So, too, is the work of understanding a person in their entirety.  We may see their anger, lack of effort or offensive behavior and say, “Ha, ha!  I know this person and dislike what I see.”  However, every action has a connection that may be visible or may not, just like the unconnected pieces.  Each plays a part of the whole puzzle of a person and has their reason for being.   It is just the association that has yet to be determined by the viewer.  Anger may stem from an abuse unseen by the public eye.  Lack of effort may be aches, pains or disease that is silently suffered.  Offensive behavior may be an old coping mechanism formed out of trauma from days past unbeknownst to even the user.  As with the completed puzzle, to really understand a person takes effort, patience and the desire to know them from the inside out.  The result will be a relationship with depth and love that goes beyond boundaries.

Click on the pictures to learn about the books and music that have inspired concerning this and other topics Mary include…


A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Love Your Enemies by Arthur C. Brooks


“I Really Want To Know You” by the Partridge Family

About Mary Megna

Mary Megna is a highly successful Life Coach with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor in Education. She focuses her practice on working with seniors dealing with difficulties associated with aging, but has helped people of all ages. To contact Mary for information concerning individual sessions call 717-480-8124 or email at

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