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Civil Mediation

Civil MediatioN SERVICES

Landlord-Tenant Disputes, Neighborhood Disputes, Property Damage or Infringement Issues, Property Damage involving Automobile Accidents, Business Disputes and Workplace Issues, Mechanic Disputes, Medical Payment Disputes, Hospital/Patient Disputes, Credit Card Disputes, College/University Disputes, Bankruptcy Disputes, Wrongful Death, Tort Actions, Contract Disputes


Going to court is expensive! There are filing fees, fees paid to compel witnesses to attend court proceedings, fees paid to expert witnesses, document preparation fees, and miscellaneous costs associated with trial preparation and trial proceedings… As an example, a litigant may obtain a judgment of $50,000 in a breach of contract case, but they may have incurred $30,000 in attorney’s fees in the process.

Legal fees can have an average range from $50 to $500 an hour, but this may not include the rate of any paralegals and other firm staff—factored with the total time spent on your case will determine the amount of legal fees you’ll pay.

Many people want to go to court because they want someone to hear their side of the story. I have witnessed when parties go to court because they want to see a judge to crack down on the other party for bad behavior, only to see that the judge doesn’t want to get involved in the details of the pain you feel. 

Mediation is about finding ways to efficiently, inexpensively, and tolerable way to create a firm foundation upon to move forward amicably. Litigation is about winning and often seeks retribution for past conduct and infringements. Mediation fees are only a fraction of what it would cost in time and money to go to court. Many disputes can be resolved in a few hours if all parties come to a mutual agreement.

Mediation Hourly Rates are split between the parties and are based on the complexity of the case.


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